Montana Library2Go


What is it?

Montana Library2Go is a statewide collection of eBooks and audio books available for you to check out and download to your eReader or MP3 player. You can download audio and eBooks to your Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPod and other eReaders, MP3 players or tablets that are compatible with the Adobe ePub, Kindle book, MP3 or WMV file formats. If that didn't make much sense, don't worry, just download our Montana Library2Go How-To Guide.

What do I need to download audio or eBooks?

You need a library card, a compatible device, and an internet connection. It is often easier to browse and check-out your books on the computer before downloading them to your device, but using the Overdrive app works well on the iPad, Nook tablets, Kindle Fires and most newer Android tablets. Learn how to use the Overdrive Media Console on your device. Some of our patrons even use iTunes, Windows Media Player or Kindle software to listen to or read books on their computers!

OK, so how do I download eBooks or audio books?

Just follow our handy Montana Library2Go How-To Guide. Everyone will want to read the first page of the guide, then scroll down until you find the page that has your particular device at the top and follow those instructions. You can choose to check-out your item for 7 or 14 days, and it will be returned to the library automatically when it is due.

HELP! It doesn't work!

Don't worry, it happens. If you have questions, or something isn't working right, just find a librarian! You can call us at 433-1917 or visit the library and we'll have you downloading in no time. If you visit in person, make sure to bring your device with you, and if you call us, please have your device handy, and be at your computer if possible.