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The Richland County Solid Waste Landfill is located approximately ten miles north of Sidney, adjacent to MT Highway 16. It is classified as a Class II landfill and serves all of Richland County and portions of Roosevelt County, MT, McKenzie County, ND, and Williams County, ND. We are currently filling Cell 3 with solid waste and are anticipating construction of Cell 4 to commence in the spring of 2020. The estimated remaining life of the landfill is 88-90 years, based on current collections.

The Solid Waste District provides residents with three alternative locations for HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE disposal. Those sites include Savage, Lambert, and Elmdale. These facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - unless they need to be closed for cleaning, abused by the public, or weather prohibits the contract haulers from safely emptying canisters. Currently, we are working to make some safety and convenience improvements at the sites including lighting, fencing, grading and drainage, and security improvements. 

The District is currently working on an update to the master plan at the Landfill. This is done every 5-10 years to accommodate updates in technology and new regulations. With the anticipated construction of Cell 4 and the update to the master plan, we hope to increase the life of the landfill and make some improvements to the facilities to accommodate the public. These improvements include the possible renovation of the scale and payment procedures and locations at the landfill, access to the landfill canister site, and internal site garbage handling to reduce safety hazards between the public and Public Works personnel and equipment. General consideration has been given to recycling of some incoming materials like tires, trees, etc. to maximize the available space within the landfill.

Landfill Hours
Summer (Between Easter & Thanksgiving weekends, excluding holidays): 
April - November
Monday - Saturday, 7:30am - 4:15pm

Winter (Between Thanksgiving & Easter weekends, excluding holidays):
November - April
Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 4:15pm

Accepted and Rejected Materials
We CAN accept:
- Small quantities of used motor oil - limited to personal vehicles
- Batteries - if placed on the provided plastic-lined pads
- Metals (Irons, Appliances, etc.) - Appliances must be separated from other metal goods in order to remove freon and be free of all foods and doors. Metal barrels must be thoroughly drained with perforated ends.
- Dimensional lumber, branches, stumps, trees, shrubs, grass leaves
- Non-friable asbestos
- General garbage - household quanities
- Construction and demolition (wood, concrete, asphalt shingles, etc.)
- Dead livestock and small animals
- Most agricultural wastes
- Most industrial and commercial wastes
- Tires

We CANNOT accept:
- Anti-freeze, diesel, gasoline, and other hazardous liquids larger than household quantities
- Un-rinsed pesticide and herbicide containers
- Household hazardous wastes, infectious medical waste, coal combustion waste, ash
- Oil of fuel saturated soils
- Sump or septic tank waste or sanitary sludge
- Large quantities of soluble wastes - salts, fertilizers, etc.
- Car and truck bodies, metal fuel tanks, houses, trailers, and large farm equipment bodies
- Oilfield waste
- Oil-based products (i.e: polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) pipe)
- Friable Asbestos


Landfill Fee Schedule
Asbestos Bags (Maximum of 30): $10.00 each
Non-Friable Asbestos: $60.00/ton
Construction & Demolition: $55.00/ton
General Waste: $55.00/ton
Commercial Waste: $55.00/ton
North Dakota Waste: $55.00/ton
Out of County Waste: $55.00/ton
In County Class III (Tires & Trees): No Charge
Out of County Class III (Tires): $200/ton
Concrete & Dirt: $20.00/ton
Mobile Home (detached from frame): $500.00 each
Out of County Waste Permit: $85.00/year
Out of County Household Garbage: No Charge with valid permit
In County Household Garbage: No Charge
Metals & Appliances: No Charge
In County Agricultural Waste: No Charge
Out of County Agricultural Waste: No Charge with valid permit

Solid Waste District Meeting Agendas & Minutes
2019 November 26


Richland County
201 W. Main
Sidney, MT 59270