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DUI Task Force

“Driving under the influence isn't just a problem for the police. If you drive on our roadways it could be your problem too. Help stop drunk driving. Take the time to call in erratic or unsafe drivers. The life you save could be someone you know.”  Fairview Police Chief Cal Seadeek

Don't let

"Drinking & Driving"
Effect your life or lives of others 


About the Task Force

Montana has one of the highest alcohol related fatality rates in the nation per vehicle mile traveled. Make this new year’s resolution for you loved ones:

Our Dedication
The DUI Task Force of Richland County is held by the Richland County Health Department. The task force is dedicated to promoting a healthier and safer environment for the residents of Richland County by reducing unintentional injuries and fatalities from alcohol-related crashes through public education, awareness, and enforcement strategies. The DUI Task Force represents a diverse cross-section of the community including citizens, government officials, law enforcement, health professionals, prevention and treatment specialists, business professional, and others.

The DUI Task Force will regularly have articles with updates and future plans published in the local newspapers to help keep the community informed.

More Information
To help make a difference, or for any questions regarding Richland County DUI Task Force, please call 406-433-2207.

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