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Active Richland County (ARC)
Active Richland County - ARC (Physical Activity Action Group)
Priority Issues and up-dates:
  • Built Environment Efforts/Transportation Plan/Trails Master Plan
  • Community Center Efforts
  • Work-site Wellness Initiative

Contact Information: Heidi Moran at or 433-2207

Meeting Date and Time: Second Thursdays at noon in the Community Services Conference Room

Membership Information and meeting notes:

September 2013

Richland Community Complex

“The Time Is Now, Together We Can”!

The members of the Richland Community Complex Board are in the process of creating an exciting new project.  The Richland Community Complex is an opportunity that will, we believe, change our way of life in Richland County and Eastern Montana. Our board is comprised of a diverse group of positive, forward thinking individuals. We are committed to creating a positive community facility that will enhance the lives of our residents.

 We have taken ideas from the community and we are forming a plan of action.  We are making a dream into a reality.  We see the Richland Community Complex as a focal point and a hub of our county and this region of Montana.  The space shown on the concept drawing is one flowing community space with options for residents of all ages.

This complex will have a revolutionary multipurpose arena space which could provide seating of up to 4000 and host events like community shows, concerts, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling tournaments and more on weekends.  This space during the week will be used as a recreation and practice area for all types of sports and activities, with 3 individual gym spaces that can be used daily. It will also have an indoor walking/running track and fitness/workout space that includes studio rooms on the upper level.  

Adjacent to this space is an exhibit hall building with a cement floor that can be used for the same types of events plus rodeos, livestock shows, and exhibits.  This space will have upper level seating for 1000 which will open to the main building when necessary for larger events.   

This complex will also include outdoor recreation space with 3 soccer fields, 2  softball fields, and 2 little league baseball fields.  There will be green park space and walking and biking paths.  We hope to reach all types of activities from sports to 4-H, FFA, school groups, church groups, ROI and all ages from pre-school to senior citizens.

This building will be unique in the fact that adjacent to these large event spaces, we would like to see different community spaces.  The concept drawing includes a library, an auditorium (for theater, dance, and music), a gymnastics space,  a recreation area (a zero entry pool with a lap swim area, lazy river, and slides, rehab area, and play area), and a daycare with a preschool which will also provide after school and “school’s out” activities.  The upper level of this area has additional space which could be used for senior center activities, college classes and meeting rooms. The commons area will provide a teen lounge and coffee shop or juice bar.  These are all ideas that would possibly be a part of this community complex.  We have listened to the “needs and wants” of our area and we feel that this building will address the health and well-being of all ages in our communities in Eastern Montana. We will continue to remain open to ideas as the process fine-tuning this project moves forward.

The concept provides for families to have a child at theatre or band practice, while another is practicing basketball, and yet another studies at the library. When each is done with their event, they could move on to the next activity in the same building.  Mom can workout while their toddler is in art class at preschool, and dad is at a meeting with the stockgrowers.  Grandma can help at the daycare, or watch her grandchildren swim, while grandpa is at the coffee shop playing cards.  The ideas are end-less in this amazing multipurpose facility.

The Lone Tree Ranch Board of Directors representative Joe Russell states “The board has agreed to set aside land.  I challenge the community to get behind this endeavor.  We are excited to be a part of this project”.  The location is north of the Candlewood Motel.

This will be a huge investment in our future in Richland County and beyond.  The benefits that each business and community member will see will be tremendous.  We do hope that this community complex will help facilitate recruitment of new employees for our area and enhance the lives of our current residents. We see a need for a place for our community to not only recreate but find both physical and mental health. 

We have spoken to many positive individuals a will be continuing to contact as many entities as we can to become a part of this project.  If you have not heard from us yet and are interested in getting involved or supporting, please contact our project coordinator Lisa Gorder at 480-3193.  She will be happy to answer any questions or meet with any group to explain this vision.  We are open to new ideas at any time.  This first concept drawing is just a start of what we can do if our community comes together on this endeavor.

 We would like to provide the opportunity for you to invest in the future of Richland County.  We are a non-profit entity and your support is tax-deductible. Please show your support in the form of a check to the Richland Community Complex, 1201 West Holly #1, Sidney, MT 59270. Your level of support will be proudly displayed in the entry of this new building and will leave a legacy that will last a lifetime.

The legacy levels of sponsorship are as follows:  Platinum Donors - $1,000,000 and over;

Ambassadors - $500,000 to $999,999;  Regents - $250,000 to $499,999;   Pacesetters -$100,000 to $249,999; Founders - $50,000 to $99,999; Benefactors - $25,000 to $49,999; Patrons - $10,000 to $24,999; Builders - $5000 to $9,999; Friend $1-$5000.  

We truly believe in this project and are excited to see what the future of our community holds.  Richland County is an amazing place to live and we know with your support we can make this dream come true.

The Time Is Now, Together We Can!

Richland Community Complex Board Members

Lisa Gorder, Project Coordinator,

Ross Hall, Julie Brodhead, Mark Martin, Dan Peters, Jessica Davies, Colter Devries, Connie Sturgis, Serina Everett, Pat McWilliams, Joe Bradley, Angie Olson

View the plans for the Richland Community Complex!

View a video tour of the Complex!

Richland County
201 W. Main
Sidney, MT 59270