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Floodplain Management
Floodplain Regulations
Richland County participates in FEMA's National Floodplain Insurance Program (NFIP) which allows all homeowners in Richland County to purchase flood insurance. As part of this program, we are required to implement certain flood management regulations in order to ensure that proper development within the floodplain is occurring and mitigate the overall effects that each particular development may have on neighboring properties. A copy of the current regulations is found below.

Richland County Floodplain Regulations

Information Required to Determine if Floodplain Permit is needed:
- Subdivision name with lot and block number; or,
- Certificate of Survey number with Section, Township, and Range and a tract number, if one exists.

Floodplain Permitting & Helpful Links
Included below are several documents or links that may help in development within the regulated floodplain. 

Joint Application for Proposed Work in Montana's Streams, Wetlands, Floodplains, and Other Water Bodies

Joint Application Instructions

FEMA Elevation Certificate 

FEMA Property Information Form
(used for various floodplain map revisions)

DNRC Stream Permitting 
(website link) 

DNRC Floodplain Management (website link)

FEMA Flood Map Service Center (website link) 

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