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Volunteers in Action MT/RSVP
Volunteers in Action MT/RSVP is sponsored by the Richland County Health Department and AmeriCorps Seniors. Our program engages volunteers 18 and older in community volunteer opportunities. We work with local non-profit organizations to identify community needs and connect volunteers to help address those needs. 

Our program serves Richland, Daniels, Sheridan, Roosevelt, and McCone Counties, with offices located in Scobey (Daniels County), and Sidney (Richland County).

Volunteers in Action MT/RSVP works to improve the health outcomes locally and regionally for older adults, persons with disabilities, and the public through the following focus areas:
-Nutrition through food delivery
-Living independently longer through one-on-one transportation
-In-home companionship
-Mental health and emotional wellness through support groups
-Access to care through annual days of service
-Emergency response exercises and real events
-The implementation of programs providing access to VA services
-General community support and capacity building

These impacts are accomplished through recruitment of community volunteers, with a focus on recruitment of volunteers ages 55 and older. 

To learn about volunteer opportunities through Volunteers in Action MT/RSVP, please call 406-433-2207.

Visit our Facebook page for information about current projects!

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