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Our History

RCTS Bus in Sidney Centennial Parade

Richland County Transportation Service began in 2006. It was a project built from the desire of four agencies to expand what they do to benefit the entire county. Here is a little background about how and why RCTS got its start: Richland County is in an area that is prone to high winds, extreme temperatures and frequent storms during every season of the year. Without personal transportation many residents had to face these elements on their own when in need of important services such as medical appointments and even grocery shopping. Social gatherings were nearly impossible to attend without the help of a neighbor or friend. This led some to feel that they had lost an important part of their independence and led to feelings of isolation.

The Richland County Commission on Aging, The Lodge at Lone Tree Creek, Richland Opportunities, Inc., and Sidney Health Center Extended Care all recognized how this could impact individuals. Each agency already provided limited transportation to their own clients but saw the need for a much broader service. By working together, the four agencies founded RCTS; a solution that would prove to be beneficial for the entire county and serve many more individuals than any one agency could do on their own.

RCTS is coordinated through a County office with each agency contributing through staffing and monetary means. The year RCTS began in 2006, it operated for 8 hours per day five days per week and served about 13,000 passengers. Just a few years later RCTS is delivering about 50,000 rides per year and had expanded its hours to include evening service. In addition to its regular service, RCTS also provides a number of day trips in the summer months. These popular trips give residents the opportunity to not only enjoy the necessitates but also a variety of entertainment events. Popular day trip destinations include the Fort Peck Theater and the Medora Musical. RCTS also serves the community by providing transportation to the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture's Leadership classes and extends its hours to be open during various community events.

Through the years, RCTS has been happy to see the difference that freedom of mobility is making to its passengers. Many senior riders have said it gives them the ability to remain living independently, youth riders tell us they are able to do things they might have missed out on due to their parent's work schedules, and yet other riders have said they find the bus more relaxing and cost effective than driving their own vehicles. Whatever reason you choose to ride RCTS, we will strive to make it an experience you will gladly repeat the next time you are in need of transportation. From making your reservation to taking your ride, We Value Your Freedom.

Our Mission

Richland County Transportation Service strives to provide Richland County residents with reliable transportation to meet their medical, nutritional, social and economic needs to help improve their quality of life. In achieving this, Richland County Transportation Service will:

Maintain a transportation plan that allows residents maximum mobility;

Maintain a transportation plan that emphasizes safety, quality, courtesy and efficiency;

Provide and maintain a fleet of safe and functional vehicles for the public benefit;

Provide and train a team of employees that embody the spirit of our goals.

At RCTS we truly value each and every one of our passenger's right to live independently and productively. It was this principle that helped found RCTS in the beginning and has influenced our decisions ever since. Over the past seven years, we have striven to meet our passenger's needs by expanding services to fit those passenger's lives. We have added door-to-door service where drivers give personal assistance so passengers no longer need to worry about slipping on the ice or hauling packages and shopping bags to their door. We have extended our morning and evening hours to accommodate employees and the parents of school age children and we have added Sunday service for those who want to attend church services or do their shopping and errands on the weekends. All of these things were done to help increase our passenger's mobility and achieve our mission. At RCTS, we value you and your freedom.

The Faces of RCTS

You'll always find a friendly face at RCTS. RCTS relies on its employees to make sure every aspect of your trip runs as smoothly as possible. From the dispatchers to the drivers, we're here to help and happy to do it!


Jodi Berry


Sean Dodds



Jolene Brese is the voice you'll most likely hear on the phone when calling RCTS. Jolene has over 10 years of experience in dispatching and takes the majority of our reservations. Jolene is certified in First Aid and CPR and is a certified PASS Transit Professional.

Jolene is a native of Sidney. After spending 30 years in California she decided to come home and take a place with RCTS in 2014. She enjoys woodworking, gardening, sewing and scavenging for treasures.


becky driver2.jpg

Becky Zueger is the newest RCTS team member. She began driving for RCTS in May of 2013 and quickly took to the passengers and her co-workers. Becky is certified in First Aid and CPR and is a certified PASS Transit Professional.

Becky likes to spend time outdoors and with her family and friends. She is an avid quilter, gardener and motorcycle enthusiast.

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