Homemaker Services

Program Overview

The Homemaker Program is aimed at assisting Seniors in keeping a healthy home. It is intended to provide basic homemaking services to help Seniors live independently as long as possible. The Homemaker Program is made possible and sponsored financially by:

  • Richland County Commissioners
  • Richland County Commission on Aging
  • Sidney Health Center
  • City of Sidney

Program Guidelines

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Each Homemaker recipient is allowed up to 2 hours per month of Homemaker services; you MUST be home to receive services. While your Homemaker is working in your home, you can expect her to assist you by:

  1. Dusting and tidying up the house
  2. Making your bed and changing linens as needed
  3. Mopping/Vacuuming the kitchen, bath, and living room
  4. Cleaning the bathroom sinks, toilets, tub and/or shower

The Homemaker is NOT allowed to:

  1. Perform heavy cleaning
  2. Scrub walls/cupboards
  3. Wax floors
  4. Move furniture
  5. Clean windows, curtains, or Venetian blinds

Eligibility Guidelines

There are no financial requirements or applications required to begin receiving Homemaker services. The program is open to all Seniors in Richland County age 60 and over. However, due to funding constraints, there is currently a waiting list. Once you have moved from the waiting list to the services list, you will continue receiving services each month until you choose to cancel.

It is mandatory that you notify your Homemaker if you will not be able to keep an appointment the two of you have set up. Repeated "no show" appointments may cause your service to be moved to the next person on the waiting list.

Contact Information

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for Homemaker services, please contact the Richland County Commission on Aging.