Congregate Meals

Join Us!

Visit your local Senior Center for a hot homecooked meal. There is always plenty of food, friends and fun to make your visit worthwhile! Below you will find the meal schedule for each center; visit one or visit all four. You'll never go away hungry and you're sure to have a great time!

Meal Prices (as of July 1, 2022):

Seniors (Age 60 and over): $5.00 Suggested donation
General (Age 59 and under)
Required purchase

  • Sidney: $10

  • Fairview: $10

  • Lambert: $8.50

  • Savage: $11.50

Congregate Meal Schedule

Sidney (813 3rd Street NE)Tuesday and Friday11:30 am(406) 433-8077Teresa Larson
Fairview (507 5th Street W)Monday and Wednesday11:00 am(406) 742-5050Teresa Larson
Savage (178 E Main)Thursday12:00 pm(406) 776-9980Teresa Miller
Lambert (Fox Lake Center)Tuesday12:00 pm(406) 774-3439Phyllis Cayer

lambert senior center 3.jpg

Tuesday Meal at the Fox Lake Senior Center