Farmer's Market

The 2022 Richland County Farmer's Market will be located at the Richland County Courthouse. Contact the Richland County Extension Office for more information about starting dates and times.

Participants interested in selling food products must register with the Sanitarian prior to setup. Review the Farmer's Market policy (PDF) and complete the application (PDF). Return the application to the Richland County Sanitarian for approval.

The Richland County Farmer's Market is managed by Richland County Extension and regulated by the Richland County Sanitarian.

For questions about selling food products, contact Stephanie Ler at 433-2207. For questions about the market, contact Richland County Extension at 433-1206.

Other Food Sales

The 2021 Legislature passed Senate Bill 199, which is also known as "Montana Food Freedom" and the "Montana Local Food Choice Act". This allows for the sale of certain homemade food products. You can read the full bill, or check out the document below for an explanation of this bill and products that may be sold. The sale of meat and products containing meat, including tamales, is strictly prohibited by law. The only exemption for meat sales is home-raised poultry in annual quantities of less than 1000 birds.

Montana Food Freedom

There are a number of considerations in selling unregulated products. Visit the Value-Added Producer Support program through AERO Montana for important information and helpful trainings.

To be added to the email list for trainings and other helpful resources for Food Freedom producers, contact Stephanie Ler at